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2023 Automotive Social Media Marketing Tips: Strategies for Car Dealerships to Maximize ROI

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With 2023 fast approaching or if you are an auto dealer reading this in 2023, you know that social media marketing is a must in the new year. But, with inventory shortages persisting and used cars becoming harder to afford, smart and efficient digital solutions are even more important. Inventory is moving quickly and dynamic ad campaigns paired with active shopper audience targeting is the only way to go.  

What Is Inventory-Based Social Media Marketing? 

Inventory-based social media marketing allows you to target shoppers using your existing inventory of vehicles. Once you sell a vehicle, it will disappear from online ads, which prevents prospects from clicking on vehicle description pages (VDPs) for moved vehicles therefore eliminating wasted ad spend and ensuring a better user experience. 

High-quality social media marketing will also allow for advanced active shopper targeting which puts your ads in front of people looking to buy within the next 15 days. With this smaller audience, you get an additional bang for your buck because you focus your marketing spend on the shoppers that are most likely to purchase a vehicle. 

Here are a few tips on social media marketing for dealers in 2023: 

the automotive industry continues to evolve, car dealerships need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing. Social media marketing is a great way to reach customers, build relationships, and increase sales. Here are some tips to help you develop a successful automotive social media marketing strategy for your dealership in 2023:

  1. Focus on content that’s relevant to your customers.

    People will be more likely to engage with content thats relevant to their interests. Focus on topics such as car news, industry trends, and helpful advice that your customers care about.
  2. Utilize visuals to grab attention.

    Visuals are attention-grabbing and more likely to be shared than text. Consider creating infographics, GIFs and videos that communicate your message in an interesting way.
  3. Use Inventory-Based targeted ads to reach customers.

    Social media advertising is more effective than ever. Use targeted ads to reach the customers you want and use analytics to track the success of your campaigns.
  4. Create a community.

    Social media is a great way to connect with customers and build relationships. Encourage customers to engage with your posts and respond to their comments and messages.
  5. Engage with influencers.

    Influencers can help you reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness. Consider partnering with influencers in your industry to create content and help promote your dealership. Social media can be a powerful tool for car dealerships in 2023.

Automotive Social Media Marketing in the Real World 

Utilize these tips to create a successful social media marketing strategy for your dealership and watch your sales grow.
Social media marketing allows dealers to reach a large audience of active shoppers in a cost-effective way. Plus, dynamic ads allow for each ad to be customized to an individual shopper showing them the inventory on your lot that they’re most likely to engage with.  

One of our clients, Reinhardt Lexus, came to ZeroSum after a string of poor experiences with other vendors who were not being transparent or showing any true return on investment (ROI). They had very specific goals that they were looking to accomplish and our MarketAI Social product was one of many solutions presented to them. Since partnering with ZeroSum, the dealership has seen their new car sales increase by 23% and they have maintained the #1 position in their market.

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