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Make smarter, better, and faster marketing decisions with MarketAI® — the only white label digital marketing platform you’ll need to easily scale your automotive clients beyond human capabilities.



Be the expert.

With the automotive industry rapidly evolving, you have to be ready to adjust and adapt. ZeroSum tech helps you stay ahead of the curve while winning new business and reducing your costs.

We thrive in helping agencies keep up with constant innovation and scale their automotive business with an all-in-one platform.

Shift gears and take control of your market share.


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ZeroSum works for you and your clients, while you take all the credit

White Labeling:

Brand and own technology that dynamically adjusts creative and ad spend based on real-time data


Increase client performance and retention without the additional work

Sales Enablement:

Fast, easy sales with a visual, instant quote builder and custom pricing

Reduced Overhead:

Keep production costs low by using AI to create inventory-based ads with Auto-Stream

Cutting-Edge Technology:

See real-time attribution and performance for your campaign

Managed Services:

Let us be a full extension of your team and manage your clients' digital marketing campaigns on your behalf


Managing automotive digital marketing campaigns has never been easier. 

  • Running a business is tough—even more so when you've got to increase sales in addition to everything else you have to do. For agencies or companies with limited sales and marketing professionals on staff, this can be a huge burden.
  • MarketAI isn't just cutting-edge software for smarter marketing; it's an extension of your staff.
  • We’ve got operations covered. We allow you to do what you do best---focus on your business instead of spending hours dealing with paid media marketing. MarketAI runs constantly and uses revolutionary artificial intelligence to optimize every single one of your marketing decisions.
  • Not only does it free up more time for you, but it also increases your clients' ROI thanks to higher engagement rates and higher conversions.

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AI + Marketing, A Platform for Automotive Agencies

Inventory - Agency

Billions of data points are captured, stored and enriched.

  • We use machine learning to collect and organize VIN-level data into a detailed record that contains detailed vehicle information like location, images, pricing, make, model, year, movement, and VDP
  • This enables dynamic creative automation and direct-to-dealer navigation from ads
Agency Page Laptops
Automation - Agency

Dynamically builds omni-channel ad units.

  • MarketAI uses automation that pulls images and data from live inventory on dealer websites to create beautiful ad units
  • The inventory database is updated daily so only cars on dealers' lots right now will be advertised and matched to an active shopper interested in that type of vehicle
  • The platform creates and delivers ads on multiple platforms including social media, Google Vehicle Ads, Search, Digital Display, and Over-the-Top (OTT) on Connected TVs (CTV)
  • We created the only all-in-one video creative solution that creates and delivers dynamic inventory-based video ads. The technology includes OEM approved templates, scripts, voiceovers, rendering, and ad delivery in one application
Audience - Agency

Owned audience of shoppers with purchase intent.

  • First-party data sourced from thousands of websites and consumer vehicle search sites
  • Use of algorithms to score specific user behaviors including VDP visits, form completion, and site searches
  • Data provides a deep understanding of demand at a segment, make, model and trim level of same and similar vehicles
  • 5.6 million Active Shoppers
AI - Agency

Machine learning connects the data to the audience in the most efficient way possible.

  • The platform acts on changes in market conditions before they’re perceived by humans
  • Use of AI and advanced algorithms enables insights such as turn rates, market share, days to move, and sales velocity
  • Provides deep understanding of supply & demand in every market in country.
  • Proprietary applications predict the number of units that will be moved at the segment, make, model, trim and dealer level
  • The platform connects the correct audience with the correct inventory in real-time
Attribution - Agency

Access to a custom branded reporting database 24/7 with client-facing logins available.

  • The integration of average market inventory levels next to dealer performance gives dealers context of rapidly changing inventory positions.
  • Connection to Google analytics allows for deep understanding of performance to marketing metrics
  • Reporting data allows dealers to understand impressions and VDP views at a VIN level
  • Includes dynamic calculation for dealer facing metrics like cost per VDP, average days on lot and vehicles with campaign activity
  • Dashboard shows specific data about the vehicles that moved off the lot after campaign involvement

The car dealership advertising platform trusted by agencies and industry leaders

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See how one dealership is using ZeroSum’s ground-breaking technology to gain valuable market insights to inform their daily business strategy and amplify their sales.


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