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Show Up When It Matters

ZeroSum focuses our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy on two important concepts. First, an impression is free meaning not every impression needs to be in the #1 spot to be effective because it can still boost brand recognition. Second, the best clicks will be from people looking to buy a vehicle that you have on your lot. There’s no use in paying for a click on a vehicle you sold three weeks ago.  

  • MarketAI Search uses these concepts to inform its campaigns by using real-time keyword level automation to bid on the vehicles you have on your lot.
  • These constant adjustments eliminate wasted spend by ensuring that your dynamic search campaigns are always up-to-date. 
  • That same inventory data is also used to create compelling ad copy that draws in buyers by showing inventory attributes like number in stock or the lowest price offered.  

The best part? All of this comes without a management fee. 


MarketAI Search Features

Search Dynamic Ad Example

Custom Curated Ad Copy

MarketAI Search creates custom ad copy to fit each vehicle on your lot by providing important attributes like the number in stock and the lowest listed price for a certain make and model. 

Inventory Graphic

Inventory Driven Search Ads

With MarketAI tech, our search product dynamically adjusts keywords and bids to reflect the vehicles that are on your inventory each day. With these adjustments, there is no wasted spend on vehicles that you already sold. 

Search computer reporting marketai

Transparent Reporting

Like our whole suite of marketing solutions, MarketAI Search reporting can be viewed at any time within the MarketAI platform.

Own Your Search Space   

With millions of searches happening each day, it's important to make sure that you're showing up for the right keywords. Don't waste money paying for clicks to an empty landing page. Our dynamic search campaigns bid on what matters - the inventory that sits on your lot today.


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