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Smarter, car dealership online advertising solutions backed by a team experts & the intelligence of MarketAI®

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High-Performance Automotive Marketing for Dealers

We provide everything you need to  succeed in today's highly competitive automotive paid media environment.

Our propriety software, MarketAI®, uses real-time data to dynamically adjust your creative and spend distribution, increasing lead volume and turn rate for new and used cars.

And it's all 100% trackable at the VIN level.



See how one dealership is using ZeroSum’s ground-breaking technology to gain valuable market insights to inform their daily business strategy and amplify their sales.

Boost Profitability and Advertising Efficiency by Eliminating Wasted Ad Spend Using Real-Time Inventory Data

Our MarketAI platform uses real-time data to dynamically adjust your creative and spend distribution, increasing performance, and eliminating wasted ad spend on inventory may have already been sold. Our technology allows you to spend money where you need it the most, and only when you need it.

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    Easy-to-understand, accurate and meaningful key performance indicators that measure every aspect of your ads so managers will never be surprised by cost overruns, poor inventory performance, or missed opportunities.

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    AI-Driven Advertising

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    Creative Included

    Automated, inventory-based, omni-channel video, ad creative, and copy for social, display, video, google vehicle ads (shopping) & search.

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    Attribution & Expert Advice

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Increasing profit margin has never been easier. 

  • Running a dealership is tough—even more so when you've got to increase sales in addition to figuring out which lead source is actually working.

  • MarketAI isn't just cutting-edge software for smarter marketing; it's your virtual marketing agency.

  • We’ve got marketing covered. We allow you to do what you do best---focus on your business instead of spending hours dealing with paid media marketing. MarketAI runs constantly and uses revolutionary artificial intelligence to optimize every single one of your marketing decisions.

  • Not only does it free up more time for you, but it also increases your ROI thanks to higher engagement rates and higher conversions.

Make smarter, better, and faster marketing decisions with ZeroSum — the only solution you need to drive measurable sales results.


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How ZeroSum works for you

Cutting-Edge Techonology:

Use the latest technology available that dynamically adjusts creative and ad spend based on real-time data.


No long waits to onboard or get started. Our solutions are plug-in-play, having your ads live in 72 hours.


You will have 100% visibility and attribution at the VIN-level, available in a simple dashboard.

True Partner:

Like to be hands-on? Want us to do the work and reporting for you? Either way, your call.

Inventory-Based Creative Included:

Our platform creates dynamic ads that include vehicle information like make, model, year, image and price for every car on your lot.

Active Shopper Audience

We only target active shoppers ready to buy in the next 15 days. 

Our Proprietary Ad Solutions Experts Will Help You Maximize Your Marketing Efficiency

For the first time ever, you can now eliminate wasted spend by using real-time supply and demand of your available inventory on your lot.


Deliver simple, effective, inventory-driven, dynamic videos right to your shoppers on their favorite streaming platforms. 

Social Media Ads

Show inventory-based social ads of cars you have in stock directly to consumers on their social networks

Digital Display Ads

Keep your ads up to date and in front of potential customers looking for the same or similar cars on your lot.

Google Vehicle Ads

Target shoppers looking for cars you have available, and place your live inventory feed at the top of their Google's search results pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Create dynamic search ads that use compelling ad copy to eliminate wasted ad spend and drive more traffic directly to your website.

Data and Intelligence

With first-party audience data, the largest database of active VINS, and real-time market insights, we understand the industry in a way that no one else can.

MarketAI works for you 24/7 while you focus on sales


Automate your cross-channel paid media marketing

Next-level Social, Google Vehicle Ads, Search, Display, & OTT/CTV Advertising
  • Dynamic & inventory-based - no more bidding on keywords for inventory that you already sold.

  • Display that puts traditional static ads to shame.

  • Dynamic video marketing that targets shoppers with your current inventory.

  • Creative updates automatically to make sure you’re only delivering impressions on vehicles you have in stock.



Ad Creative Included

Leverage the power of creative automation with MarketAI
  • Merge vast amounts of data and cutting-edge technology to inform and optimize your marketing creatives.

  • The unmatched transparency provided within the platform shows a clear connection of ad spend to sales in an easily digestible format.

  • 24/7 automated marketing campaign optimizations driven by machine learning and our proprietary algorithms.

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Powerful data-driven insight

See in real-time how your dealership stacks up against your competitors
  • First-party audience data built from years of analysis

  • Daily tracking of all new and used vehicles listed for sale nationwide

  • Real-time marketshare, competitor insights, turn rate, and more

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Like every other auto dealer, our inventory tanked over the last six months. Despite those challenges, ZeroSum helped us increase our sales velocity by 4x. Now we are the market leader.
Shawn J Hanlon
New Hampshire Locations at DCD Automotive
We use ZeroSum at over 20 of our locations, and even though each store is different, ZeroSum has consistently delivered effective marketing solutions that fit all of our needs.
Gia Katzenmeyer
Chief Marketing/Digital Officer of Premier Automotive Group
Let a MarketAI expert show you what we can do for you. Book a 15-minute demo today!

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