Transform your car dealership marketing with smarter online advertising solutions and MarketAI® intelligence


Supercharge your vehicle turn rates with cutting-edge dealership marketing, AI, and human expertise.


Dominate the competition with MarketAI. Unlock the power of real-time data and expert advertising solutions. Drive higher VDPs and turn rates for new and used cars with dynamic creative optimization. Experience 100% trackable results at the VIN level.

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Why dealerships choose ZeroSum

Cutting-Edge Techonology:

Use the latest technology available that dynamically adjusts creative and ad spend based on real-time data.


No long waits to onboard or get started. Our solutions are plug-in-play, having your ads live in 72 hours.


You will have 100% visibility and attribution at the VIN-level, available in a simple dashboard.

True Partner:

Like to be hands-on? Want us to do the work and reporting for you? Either way, your call.

Inventory-Based Creative Included:

Our platform creates dynamic ads that include vehicle information like make, model, year, image and price for every car on your lot.

In-Market Shopper Audience

We only target active shoppers ready to buy in the next 15 days. 


Maximize your profit margin effortlessly with MarketAI. 

  • Running a dealership is challenging, especially when you're juggling sales growth and lead source management.
  • MarketAI goes beyond cutting-edge marketing software; it's your virtual marketing agency. Let us handle your marketing needs, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.
  • MarketAI, powered by revolutionary artificial intelligence, optimizes every marketing decision for increased VDPs and conversions.
  • Experience the freedom to make smarter, better, and faster marketing choices with ZeroSum.

Drive measurable sales results and boost your ROI with MarketAI.

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Unlock your marketing potential with MarketAI's comprehensive solutions

Harness the power of real-time inventory data to optimize your advertising spend and drive killer ads that dominate the market

OTT/CTV Video Ads

Deliver compelling, dynamic inventory-driven video ads to captivate your shoppers on their favorite streaming platforms

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Social Media Ads

Maximize your reach with inventory-based social media ads, targeting consumers on Meta (Facebook).

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Digital Display Ads

Stay ahead of the competition with dynamic digital display ads, targeting customers interested in cars that you have in stock.

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Google Vehicle Ads

Get noticed by car shoppers with Google Vehicle Ads, featuring your live inventory feed at the top of Google search results.

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Search Engine Marketing

Drive more traffic and eliminate wasted ad spend with dynamic search ads that captivate and convert.

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Data and Intelligence

Leverage unparalleled industry insights with first-party audience and inventory data combined with real-time market analysis.

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Automate your cross-channel ads for maximum impact

Unlock the power of next-level paid advertising across Social, Google Vehicle Ads, Search, Display, & OTT/CTV platforms.
  • With dynamic and inventory-based campaigns, bid confidently knowing you're promoting the vehicles you have in stock.
  • Say goodbye to wasted impressions and static ads.
  • Our cutting-edge technology ensures your creative updates automatically, delivering targeted messaging to interested shoppers and maximizing your advertising ROI.
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Unlock the power of creative automation with MarketAI

Experience the convenience of having ad creative included in your marketing campaigns.
  • Our advanced platform merges vast amounts of data with cutting-edge technology to inform and optimize your creatives.
  • With unmatched transparency, you can easily track the connection between ad spend and sales in a digestible format.
  • Benefit from 24/7 automated campaign optimizations driven by machine learning and our proprietary algorithms. Let MarketAI revolutionize your marketing strategy and drive exceptional results.
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Unleash the power of data-driven insight

Gain a competitive edge with real-time insights on your dealership's performance. See how you stack up against your competitors and make informed decisions based on powerful data.
  • Our first-party audience and inventory data, built from years of analysis, provides a deep understanding of your target market.
  • Stay ahead of the game with daily tracking of new and used vehicles listed for sale nationwide.
  • Access real-time market share, competitor insights, turn rate, and much more. Harness the power of data to drive your dealership's success.

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See how one dealership is using ZeroSum’s ground-breaking technology to gain valuable market insights to inform their daily business strategy and amplify their sales.


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