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Highly targeted automotive social media marketing solutions for car dealerships


Hands-free social media ads that boost your VDPs, showroom visits, and sales while creating new opportunities.


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Leverage automotive social media marketing to increase your conversion rates

Expand Reach

Expand Your Reach

Tap into a massive audience of active shoppers within their favorite social media platforms.

Ads That Resonate

Create Ads That Resonate With Each Shopper

Dynamic, inventory-based ads tailored to each individual allow you to drive the most qualified buyers to your website.

Where Sales are From

Know Exactly Where Your Sales Come From

Among other key metrics, your dashboard shows you how many cars were sold by ZeroSum, so you always know your campaigns are working.

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Features included with every campaign:


Dynamically adjusted, inventory-based ads

The MarketAI platform finds real shoppers in your market and delivers them relevant ads built from the vehicles on your lot. These ads dynamically adjust to provide the best ad creative for each individual shopper, 24/7. This effectively prospects new customers while also reengaging abandoned shoppers, drawing their eyes back to the vehicle that first piqued their interest.

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AI-Driven Marketing Automation

Our cutting-edge AI not only connects the right ad with the right person instantly but also acts on market changes before human perception. Predictive analytics and real-time optimization ensure unparalleled marketing efficiency and the ability to predict unit movements at granular levels

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Elite precision targeting

MarketAI knows which shoppers are looking for which vehicles. Our deep understanding of supply and shopper demand, combined with dynamic ad units using live inventory, ensures your ads resonate precisely with vehicle shoppers, maximizing campaign efficiency.

MarketAI market insights

Real-time analytics and transparent reporting 

The MarketAI platform is meant for auto dealers on the go. Decisions need to be made fast and they need to be smart. The data in the MarketAI platform informs your intelligent, dynamic social campaigns while also providing key insights into store performance.


More solutions from ZeroSum tailored to your inventory, brand, store, and customers

OTT/CTV Video Ads

Deliver simple, effective, inventory-driven, dynamic videos right to your shoppers on their favorite streaming platforms. 

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Social Media Ads

Show inventory-based social ads of cars you have in stock directly to consumers on their social networks.

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Digital Display Ads

Keep your ads up to date and in front of potential customers looking for the same or similar cars on your lot.

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Google Vehicle Ads

Target shoppers looking for cars you have available, and place your live inventory feed at the top of their Google's search results pages.

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Search Engine Marketing

Create dynamic search ads that use compelling ad copy to eliminate wasted ad spend and drive more traffic directly to your website.

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Data and Intelligence

With first-party audience data, the largest database of active VINs, and real-time market insights, we understand the industry in a way that no one else can.

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