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Inventory-based social ads delivered to shoppers looking to buy within the next 15 days




Right vehicle. Right people. Right time.

Today’s digital landscape offers countless ways to share your message. The last thing you want to do is spend valuable dollars screaming into an empty void. But that’s exactly what happens when social ads aren’t targeted to the right audience.

  • MarketAI eliminates that problem, dynamically adjusting ad creative, spend and delivery using proprietary algorithms to make the most impact possible with each impression served.
  • ZeroSum’s social ads are delivered to our first-party active shopper audience built to include only people looking to buy within the next 15 days. This small window guarantees that you’re putting your dollars into qualified buyers.
  • You can even see the impact on your business for yourself inside of MarketAI thanks to features like real-time market share and sales goal pacing which can be paired with the transparent marketing solutions reporting also offered within the platform.



MarketAI Social Features

Dynamic Ad Example

Dynamic Inventory Ads

MarketAI Social dynamically adjusts to provide the best ad creative for each individual shopper. 24/7. Plus, it only shows the vehicles that you have on your lot at that very moment. That means no wasted spend on vehicles you've already sold.

Active Shopper Audience

Active Shopper Audience

Our proprietary audience is constantly refreshed and filled with only people looking to buy within the next 14 days. Each impression delivered will be to a qualified buyer who is much more likely to convert.

Search computer reporting marketai

Transparent Reporting

With the MarketAI dashboard, you'll always be able to see how your ads are performing.


Always Have the Data You Need

The MarketAI platform is meant for auto dealers on the go. Decisions need to be made fast and they need to be smart. The data in the MarketAI platform informs our intelligent, dynamic social campaigns while also providing key insights into store performance.

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4 Million+ Active Shoppers 

Third-party audiences waste your time and money. Our first-party data is refreshed daily and offers 4 million+ active shoppers. 

The MarketAI platform finds real shoppers in your market and delivers them relevant ads built from the vehicles on your lot. This effectively prospects new customers while also reengaging abandoned shoppers, drawing their eyes back to the vehicle that first peaked their interest.


Automotive Facebook carousel ad showing a dealer's inventory

Explore our other MarketAI Solutions


Deliver simple, effective, inventory-driven, dynamic videos right to your shoppers on their favorite streaming platforms. 

Social Media Ads

Show inventory-based social ads of cars you have in stock directly to consumers on their social networks.

Digital Display Ads

Keep your ads up to date and in front of potential customers looking for the same or similar cars on your lot.

Google Vehicle Ads

Target shoppers looking for cars you have available, and place your live inventory feed at the top of their Google's search results pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Create dynamic search ads that use compelling ad copy to eliminate wasted ad spend and drive more traffic directly to your website.

Data and Intelligence

With first-party audience data, the largest database of active VINS, and real-time market insights, we understand the industry in a way that no one else can.

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Like every other auto dealer, our inventory tanked over the last six months. Despite those challenges, ZeroSum helped us increase our sales velocity by 4x. Now we are the market leader.
Shawn J Hanlon
New Hampshire Locations at DCD Automotive
We use ZeroSum at over 20 of our locations, and even though each store is different, ZeroSum has consistently delivered effective marketing solutions that fit all of our needs.
Gia Katzenmeyer
Chief Marketing/Digital Officer of Premier Automotive Group

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