Finally, an automotive advertising platform fueled by real-time supply and demand.


MarketAI®, the all-in-one Advertising Platform for Auto Dealers 

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MarketAI is the industry's first AI-driven platform able to merge vast amounts of vehicle inventory data and cutting-edge technology to inform and optimize your marketing solutions. Get everything you need to advertise your dealership with modern vehicle ads and attract the customers you always wanted. 

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A cloud-based marketing platform that’s so easy to use, that it will practically run autonomously and it's priced for every size dealership.


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"This is for the dealer in a market that really wants to have the competitive edge over his competition. This is the partnership you need. ZeroSum is a secret weapon."
Sam Slaughter
Sellers Auto Group and 2018 Dealer of the Year

The Problem:

You're using outdated marketing technology to advertise your modern-day dealership


If you want one platform and a team of experts to advertise vehicles precisely down to the VIN-level while finally getting a live inventory integration with your ads in one solution that’s specifically designed (and continuously updated) for today’s on-the-go dealer, then MarketAI is for you!

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Does this sound familiar?

Your current platform needs a lot of maintenance

Whether it's uploading a spreadsheet of inventory to a marketing channel, crunching some ad spend budget numbers, or having to constantly validate file formatting, software is only as good as its usability. If it’s complicated, slow, and lacking functionality it’s time for a change. These are some challenges you may be facing:

  • You're only able to upload your inventory through a spreadsheet manually
  • You're waiting for updates on sold inventory, ad spend, and KPI numbers that never come
  • You're tired of being forced to use sub-par technology
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Most marketing platforms simply aren't designed for the needs of a modern-day auto marketer

Back when dealerships were only four walls and open from 9-5, spreadsheets and traditional advertising was a great option. However demand now is 24/7, and majority is being driven online. You may be asking yourself these questions:

  • Why am I still running my own ads?
  • Why am I spending so much $$$ and getting so little in return?
  • Why does my team need to constantly update the same info across multiple systems?


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The Solution: MarketAI

Grow your dealership the way you want, with the tech you want, and become the go-to dealer

ZeroSum's MarketAI is for dealerships that question the status quo, that want a solution that’s built for the future of the industry, and are done being forced to use outdated technology.


See why Sam Slaughter from Sellers Auto Group upgraded to MarketAI.

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MarketAI-1-Inventory Insights

Real-time supply and demand

MarketAI houses the largest database of active VINs, meaning you can analyze store performance and market trends down to the VIN level. MarketAI knows every vehicle that's available for sale, vehicles that are listed each day, and important data like price. All this information is clearly presented so that you can take action right away.

MarketAI-2-Automated Ads

Easy, comprehensive advertising solutions

MarketAI creates your ads using vehicle details from your VDPs and pairs that with channel-specific in-market shoppers to for maximum sales potential.

Digital Ads
MarketAI-3-Active Shoppers

Your next dream team

Our team of experts guide and oversee the entire process, allowing you to reclaim your time and focus on what’s important, running your dealership.

Active Shoppers

Hands-free technology that works

We use machine learning to determine what inventory to promote on any given day, and on which channel (social, display, video, search, VLA), taking into consideration days on lot, budget, exposure, supply, and demand.

AI + Human

Actionable, attributable insights

MarketAI advertises your individual vehicles, meaning that your ad spend is attributable down to the VIN-level. You can see which vehicles are influenced by your media spending so you know that your marketing strategy is effective.


Get an inside look at your competitive landscape and MarketAI's best features.

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