About Us

ZeroSum is an industry leader in software, marketing, and data science. We're putting that knowledge to use in the automotive vertical.

Using Data and Science to Your Advantage

ZeroSum’s MarketAI was built on our belief in data and science. Our team and software works for thousands of dealers, collecting and organizing all the available in-market data. MarketAI turns that data into a high-performance marketing platform for dealerships all over North America.

Lower Cost per VDP

Focusing on What Matters

We are marketers. We got started in software because our partners needed a better solution. We knew data was a big part, and that our customers expected high-performance out of their tools. MarketAI, our SaaS Marketing platform is that tool, bringing data and marketing into one solution.

Now, we focus on your dealership's inventory movement, VDPs, leads, and sales. We measure this in real-time, focusing on the lead indicators in the data. Your data was always valuable, and now with the MarketAI platform, your data is actionable.

Like an investment, it's working for you.


Prioritizing Your Results

Focus on VDP growth via social inventory automation, or fully managed campaigns across multiple channels. Whatever you need, ZeroSum has your back.

driving up the data

Our History

Our team of automotive, technology, marketing, data, and software leaders has been working in the space for over a decade. In late 2017, we brought these disciplines together to form a SaaS company focused on automotive marketing. Leveraging technology for disruptive market share growth tactics, we learned the value of the data and information swirling around this industry. Leveraging the tools and resources of our roots, one of the world’s largest privately held media companies, Advance, we sought out to simplify and modernize the automotive go-to-market. Built on Microsoft Azure, and leaning into machine learning, artificial intelligence, and our wealth of data, we launched ZeroSum in 2020.

We’re the only player in the space using all of the available inventory, active shoppers, machine learning, and vast amounts of data to understand and then influence the purchase. We model exactly what is happening market by market and deliver that intel to our partners. 



 Executive Leadership

Andy Lobred


Matt Sharp

Chief Digital Officer

Dennis Wichterman

Vice President, Sales

Nick Dionne

Vice President, Product & Marketing



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