Unlock the Future of Certified OEM Marketing with ZeroSum

As a dealership, you deserve the pinnacle of digital marketing. With ZeroSum's certified OEM Provider status for KIA and Subaru, you're not just getting a marketing partner; you're getting the future of automotive advertising powered by MarketAI®.



Certified OEM Provider for:



MarketAI is the only platform built for dealers that provides real-time digital ad automation and insights.

Inventory Data and Insights

Gain access to the largest, most comprehensive, active and historic inventory database in North America. View competitor inventory, turn rates,  and pricing.

High-Efficiency Ad Automation

We use machine learning to determine what inventory to promote on any given day, and on which channel (social, display, video, search, VLA), taking into consideration days on lot, budget, exposure, supply, and demand. 

Precise Audience Targeting

ZeroSum’s automated inventory data integration enables precise targeting to shoppers ready to buy a vehicle like the one you have on lot right now.

AI-Powered, Human Supported

Our team of experts guide and oversee the entire process, allowing you to reclaim your time and focus on what’s important, running your dealership.

24/7 Attribution

We provide unrivaled analytics that enable everything from forecasting expected sales, to VIN-level marketing attribution available in a single platform.

Subaru Digital Ads

Social Media, Display, Google Shopping/VLAs, Video/OTT, Search

We provide custom digital advertising solutions based on your real-time market and competitive conditions.

Subaru Dashboard


Why Choose ZeroSum for OEM Programs?

Modern Automotive Solutions 

Let us handle the marketing while you focus on what you do best: running your dealership. Get ahead and stay ahead in the automotive industry with our leading-edge strategies.

Results-Driven Advertising

With the proprietary ZeroSum MarketAI® platform, take the guesswork out of paid advertising. Our platform leverages advanced machine learning and real-time data, ensuring that your vehicles move faster than ever before.

Expert-Backed Technology

Whether you're a car dealer or an auto agency, our solutions are tailor-made for you. Benefit from our deep insights into the automotive industry, combined with cutting-edge tech.

Smarter Marketing, Faster Results

Harness the combined power of artificial intelligence and real-time data to optimize campaigns, attract more customers, and outdo competitors. With ZeroSum, stay ahead of the marketing curve and drive unparalleled growth for your dealership.

24/7 Actionable Data Access

Our data-driven campaigns provide you with real-time insights, ensuring your inventory is always visible to potential buyers. This consistent visibility fuels growth and maximizes dealership success.

Human Support with AI-Powered Marketing

Experience the perfect blend of human expertise and artificial intelligence. Our seasoned team supports you throughout, allowing you to achieve dealership success while also granting you more time to manage your business.

ZeroSum: Driving the Future of OEM Partnerships

Dive into the dynamic world of ZeroSum, where cutting-edge AI technology meets expert automotive marketing. As a certified OEM Provider for Audi, KIA, Mitsubishi and Subaru, we redefine the boundaries of possibility, ensuring dealerships not only meet market demands but set the pace. Witness the evolution of automotive marketing. Click to experience the ZeroSum difference.


Ready to Experience the ZeroSum Difference?

Don’t just be a part of the automotive industry. Lead it. Dive into the future of automotive marketing with ZeroSum, and watch as we transform your dealership's advertising strategy, one campaign at a time.


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