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Auto-Stream is the world’s only high-performance OTT/CTV advertising platform for auto marketers.

OTT/CTV Built for Dealers

For the first time, market the right vehicle to the right person with high quality video. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to reach active, in-market auto buyers on premium streaming services like Roku, Pluto, Discovery Channel, Hulu, HGTV and ESPN using Connected TVs (CTV) and other streaming services with over-the-top (OTT) video advertising.




High Performance without High Production Costs

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The Auto-Stream platform integrates live inventory to create, target, and deliver VIN-specific ads seamlessly.


We target active auto buyers who are in market to purchase the vehicles you have on your lot right now, in the next 15 days.


Get up and running in less than 24 hours.


Auto-Stream uses AI to build individual commercials for each VIN, keeping production costs low.


Auto-Stream creates high-quality video ads complete with professional-sounding voiceovers and integrated OEM brand standards.


Auto-Stream provides what no one else can–VIN-level attribution for video. 

ZeroSum's Auto-Stream platform creates beautiful, effective ads for every vehicle on your lot–instantly.

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Accountability is everything.

Our OTT metrics beat the competition every time.

VIN-Level Attribution
Know exactly which VINs are selling because of OTT.

Video Completion Rate
You can expect completion rates at 98% or above.

Ad Frequency
Your ad will be seen 4-5x by targeted Active Shoppers.

Cost per Completed View
ZeroSum dealers see $.03 or less – that's 40% less than the competition.

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VIN-level Targeting

The Auto-Stream platform collects billions of data points to identify and match an Active Shopper (a person who has proven through activity that they are in the market to purchase a vehicle in the next 2 weeks) with the type of vehicle they are interested in that is on your dealerships’ lots right now. We have the largest database of inventory paired with our own first-party data that we match against 4.5 million active shoppers.

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Live Reporting Dashboard

See real-time attribution and performance for your campaign, including turn rate, VDP views, conversion, competitor performance and more.

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Simplified Production

Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create beautiful video commercials in seconds. The AI pulls in individual VINs photos, pricing, brand guidelines, dealer contact information and a professional AI voiceover.

Auto-Stream Platform-04-ease-of-use

Ease of Use

The platform does the complex work. All you need to have is a URL, logo and geo to get started. Auto-Stream can even recommend a budget based on current supply and demand.

Modernize Your Marketing

Cost-effectively use video to reach more auto buyers. Schedule your demo.