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Auto-Stream® is the world’s only high-performance CTV video & OTV video advertising platform for car dealers.


Built for car dealers & automotive marketers to help market the right vehicle to the right person with high quality over-the-top & connected TV video.


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High performance automotive video advertising with more affordable production costs

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Convenient & Professional Video Ads

Easily create stunning high-quality video ads, complete with professional-sounding voiceovers and integrated OEM brand standards.

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Real Inventory, Real Shoppers

Integrate your live inventory to create, target, and deliver VIN-specific ads seamlessly. We target active auto buyers who are in the market for your vehicles right now.

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Save Time & Money

Leverage the power of AI to build individual commercials for each VIN, keeping production costs affordable. Get up and running in less than 24 hours.

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Features included with every campaign:


Create beautiful, effective ads for every vehicle on your lot–instantly.

Take advantage of our full-throttle automation and the ability to target active auto buyers that are looking to purchase a specific vehicle on your lot right now. Our deep understanding of supply and shopper demand, combined with dynamic ad units using live inventory, ensures your ads resonate precisely with vehicle shoppers, maximizing campaign efficiency.

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24/7 access to your real-time reporting and attribution dashboard 

See in real-time what no one else can–VIN-level attribution for every video. Access attribution and performance for your campaign, including turn rate, VDP views, conversion, competitor performance and more.

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Easily mass produce videos and spend more efficiently

Use artificial intelligence to create beautiful video commercials in seconds, or let it do all the work. Our AI pulls in individual VINs, photos, pricing, brand guidelines, dealer contact information, and a professional AI voiceover. The platform does all the work, getting you into the living rooms of the right shoppers. All you need to have is a URL, logo, and geo to get started. Auto-Stream can even recommend a budget based on current supply and demand.

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More solutions from ZeroSum tailored to your inventory, brand, store, and customers

OTT/CTV Video Ads

Deliver simple, effective, inventory-driven, dynamic videos right to your shoppers on their favorite streaming platforms. 

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Social Media Ads

Show inventory-based social ads of cars you have in stock directly to consumers on their social networks.

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Digital Display Ads

Keep your ads up to date and in front of potential customers looking for the same or similar cars on your lot.

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Google Vehicle Ads

Target shoppers looking for cars you have available, and place your live inventory feed at the top of their Google's search results pages.

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Search Engine Marketing

Create dynamic search ads that use compelling ad copy to eliminate wasted ad spend and drive more traffic directly to your website.

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Data and Intelligence

With first-party audience data, the largest database of active VINs, and real-time market insights, we understand the industry in a way that no one else can.

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