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The MarketAI Digital Marketing Platform enables the most efficient marketing solution, no matter the inventory.

Search, Social, Display, Video, OTT/CTV all in one platform. Instantly up-to-date as your inventory changes. Matched to active, in-market shoppers.





Dynamic Social Ads: Marketing 101

Prospect new shoppers & re-engage abandoned shoppers all with one product. Dynamic social powered by MarketAI is a game-changer. Seriously.

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Extend Your Reach and Audience

Inventory-driven display ads that update as your inventory moves in and out. Focus on the inventory you have, and the shoppers looking for it.

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Paid Search but Smarter

Dynamic Search PLUS intelligent inventory informed optimization. Never overspend on the models you don't have in inventory while continuing to bring the right shoppers to your units. 

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Digital Video Without the Creative Lag

OTT/CTV video from ZeroSum uses the same active shopper audience, across premium networks, to bring simple, effective inventory-driven dynamic videos right to your shoppers. 

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Also inside MarketAI


VIN Level Attribution

Focus on metrics that matter. Inventory moving. See exactly what your marketing is doing, down to the individual VIN, inside MarketAI. 

Automotive Attribution by ZeroSum

Predictive Modeling

This is where big data and machine learning enter the party.  Analyzing millions of pieces of inventory, MarketAI knows what turn rate is possible for every unit on your lot. Get the traffic and leads you need by visualizing your sales funnel.

Automotive marketing & sales predictive modeling

Real-Time Market Share

Real-Time Market share + Make Model velocity tracking. Modern Marketing takes advantage of real-time information.

Stop waiting 60+ days to know the score.

Real Time Automotive Market Share ZeroSum

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