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Marketing solutions that work as hard as you do. Backed by a team of experts & the intelligence of MarketAI.




Start with Market AI

The MarketAI Digital Marketing Platform enables the most efficient marketing solution possible, no matter the inventory.

With MarketAI, you have access to Paid Search, Social, Digital Display, Google Vehicle Ads, and OTT/CTV all in one platform. 

Campaigns are instantly up-to-date as your inventory changes ensuring there's no wasted ad spend on moved units. Custom ads are matched to active, in-market shoppers looking to buy within the next 14 days.


Our AI-Driven Paid Media Solutions and Experts Will Help You Make Better, Faster, and Smarter Decisions in Real-Time.


Deliver simple, effective, inventory-driven, dynamic videos right to your shoppers on their favorite streaming platforms. 

Social Media Ads

Show inventory-based social ads of cars you have in stock directly to consumers on their social networks

Digital Display Ads

Keep your ads up to date and in front of potential customers looking for the same or similar cars on your lot.

Google Vehicle Ads

Target shoppers looking for cars you have available, and place your live inventory feed at the top of their Google's search results pages.

Search Engine Marketing

Create dynamic search ads that use compelling ad copy to eliminate wasted ad spend and drive more traffic directly to your website.

Data and Intelligence

With first-party audience data, the largest database of active VINS, and real-time market insights, we understand the industry in a way that no one else can.

The MarketAI Platform Features Revolutionary Attribution, Predictive Modeling, and Real-Time Market Share at the VIN Level.


VIN Level Attribution

Focus on metrics that actually matter and watch your inventory as it moves off your lot.

With VIN level attribution you can see exactly what each of your marketing products are doing inside of MarketAI.


Predictive Modeling

Analyzing millions of pieces of inventory, MarketAI knows what turn rate is possible for every unit you have on your lot.

Predictive modeling allows you to visualize your sales funnel each month. With this insight, you can quickly and efficiently respond to opportunities in the market. 

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Real-Time Market Share

Real-time market share alongside make/model velocity tracking provides unparalleled insight into the market as it stands today. Truly modern marketing takes advantage of real-time information.

Stop waiting 60+ days to know the score.

Modernize Your Marketing

See the impact MarketAI can have on your store today.



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