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Data & Intelligence

Dealer Counts Around the US

2 min read

Demystifying Automotive Agency Terms like “Real-time,” Active Shoppers" “AI,” and “Automation”

As a dealer, you are inundated with marketing lingo by various agencies and providers, but what you really care about most is whether your marketing...

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Buying a Car Online

2 min read

Revolutionizing Automotive Lead Conversion with MarketAI

In the fast-paced world of automotive sales, how do dealerships transform active shoppers into customers?

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cars lined up in dealership

4 min read

Technology Has Enhanced The Four Ps Of Car Dealership Marketing: How Savvy Auto Dealers Can Meet Customers Online

Anyone familiar with marketing has likely been introduced to the concept of The Four Ps -- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Introduced to the...

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ev charger plugged into an orange electric car

1 min read

A Dealer’s Guide to Moving Excess EV Inventory—Report Now Live

Dealers are facing a challenge; the supply of electric vehicles (EVs) is not on par with current consumer demand. Government regulations along with...

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marketing real time data

2 min read

Why Using Real-Time Data is Crucial for Successful Dealership Marketing

In today's highly competitive automotive industry, successful dealerships should leverage real-time data more than ever to make critical marketing...

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