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The ZeroSum State of the Dealer Report is the first and premier data source for the new, used, and certified pre-owned automotive market.

  • Unlock essential automotive dealer resources with exclusive access to data on supply and demand trends.
  • View unparalleled insights for effective inventory management strategies.
  • Harness the power of 30-day forecasts on vehicle movement, equipping dealers with precision decision-making tools.

State of the Dealer answers the question that all automotive dealers are wondering: "Is it going to be harder or easier to sell a car next month?"

What You'll Discover:

Monthly Trends and Future Forecasts

State of the Dealer outlines trends and forecasting in pricing, inventory, turn rate, days to move and more for the new, used, and certified markets.

Accurate Automotive Industry Intelligence

ZeroSum's use of AI and machine leanring give State of the Dealer the ability to provide accurate industry intelligence 30 days out

Unique Insights and Predictive Data

Dealers can apply ZeroSum's predictive data to day-to-day operations, which will provide decision-making insights to help boost sales and maximize profitability