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ev charger plugged into an orange electric car

1 min read

A Dealer’s Guide to Moving Excess EV Inventory—Report Now Live

Dealers are facing a challenge; the supply of electric vehicles (EVs) is not on par with current consumer demand. Government regulations along with...

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customers at electric vehicle charging station

2 min read

Growing EV Options Likely to Lead to New Customer Segments

MarketAI Can Help Dealers Navigate the Evolving EV Marketplace

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closeup of microchip used in vehicles

2 min read

MarketAI Helping Dealers Beat Lingering Microchip Shortage

The global microchip shortage is having a significant and prolonged impact on the auto industry and has affected manufacturers and auto dealers alike.

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electric car charging

2 min read

MarketAI Key to Sparking EV Sales: High Inventories, Customer Interest Show the Time is Right for EVs

When it comes to auto industry sales strategy, even for technologically advanced vehicles, dealers should always remember an adage that dates to the...

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