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Quick Tip: Social Media Marketing in 2022


November 16, 2021

With 2022 fast approaching, every auto dealership knows that social media marketing is a must in the new year. But, with inventory shortages persisting, smart and efficient digital solutions are even more important. Inventory is moving quickly...

3 Ways to Shift Focus to Used Inventory


November 5, 2021

Most auto dealers fixate on moving their new inventory but with available units dwindling that strategy is no longer working. Now, it’s more important than ever to focus on moving used-car inventory in the smartest, most efficient way possible.  

The Marketing Metrics that Should Matter Most to Dealerships


August 27, 2021

If you were to ask 100 auto dealers what the most important metric they track is you would get 100 answers saying "sales". But are auto dealers paying enough attention to the metrics that fuel those sales? While the units that are moved each...

How to use MarketAI’s VINSights to your advantage


August 13, 2021

Vehicle pricing and inventory decisions are a key part of a dealership’s day-to-day operations. A few hundred dollars could entice a shopper to buy from your dealership or push them toward a competitor. One of the most common struggles many...

Inventory vs Marketing: Here's What the Data Shows Us


August 6, 2021

Dealerships across the country can sit back, relax and turn their core model inventory faster than ever before. But the uptick in turn rate on core models can provide a false sense of security and means dealers could be overlooking other...