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Car with AI images

3 min read

AI and the Evolution of Dealership Marketing

Digital advertising has been on the rise for many years and is now amplified by the evolution of AI-driven advertising tools. The COVID-19 pandemic only hastened this transition. At the height of the pandemic, some states forced dealerships to...

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Electric vehicle charging

6 min read

Boosting EV Adoption: Strategies for US Consumers and Dealers

Electric vehicles (EVs) are energy efficient, quieter, contribute to a better environment, and require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles....

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Car and question mark

3 min read

The Auto Industry’s Record Profits: Sustainable Success or Temporary Boom?

By the end of 2022, automotive manufacturer Stellantis reported a 13% drop in U.S. sales, with additional automakers like Honda and Nissan reporting...

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Car price increase

2 min read

High-Priced Vehicles, Stagnant Incomes. Why Matching Inventory to the Right Customer Is More Important than Ever

The global microchip shortage that gripped the auto industry in recent years caused many manufacturers to relive their college Economics 101 lessons....

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