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young driver excited holding car key while sitting in car window

2 min read

Auto Dealers Who Dismiss GenZ Will Miss Out on a Potentially Profitable Customer

A trend developing among GenZ drivers could prove to be a concern to auto dealers. This customer base, (born between 1996-2007) seems less interested in driving than previous generations.

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customers at electric vehicle charging station

2 min read

Growing EV Options Likely to Lead to New Customer Segments

MarketAI Can Help Dealers Navigate the Evolving EV Marketplace

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closeup of microchip used in vehicles

2 min read

MarketAI Helping Dealers Beat Lingering Microchip Shortage

The global microchip shortage is having a significant and prolonged impact on the auto industry and has affected manufacturers and auto dealers alike.

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holding remote in front of tv streaming service

4 min read

ZeroSum’s Auto-Stream Helps Dealers Take Advantage of Shifting Consumer Media Habits

A new question has worked its way into the American lexicon in recent years, and it’s having a fundamental impact on how auto dealers need to reach...

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1 min read

ZeroSum Named 2023 Google Premier Partner

ZeroSum, an automotive industry leader in inventory-based automotive marketing is excited to announce the company has achieved 2023 Google Premier...

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