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How to Run Effective Car Dealership Digital Display Ads

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As an auto dealer, digital display ads are one of the most crucial types of advertisements to run. They capture leads that are looking to buy a car, drive them to your website, and help you increase your conversions. Here are our top tips to run the best digital display campaign for your dealership.


Mind your design

The first step in a successful digital display campaign is strong design. When creating your ads, focus on capturing attention while remaining true to your brand. To stand out, incorporate real photos into your ads rather than just creating a graphic, and use strong CTAs that contrast with the rest of the design. Although you may be using stock imagery, make sure your brand fonts and colors are also incorporated.

Another option to consider is video. Bannerflow found that adding video to creatives increased the CTR by 80% in 2020. Since so many display ads are static, viewers’ eyes tend to overlook them.

You’ll also need to make sure your ads are compatible with all device types. Since around 60% of display ad views come from mobile, make sure your display ads are also optimized for mobile.


Treat display ads as an extension of your website

If all goes according to plan, your audience will be heading directly from your display ad to your website. To increase conversion rate, make sure this transition is as seamless as possible. Take note of the content that will be displayed on the webpage you are linking to, and make sure your display creative fits into the storyline. Also use consistent fonts, colors, and graphics in your ads and your website to reinforce your brand.


Create messaging for each audience segment

When running your ads, don’t just use a single design or message for everyone you are targeting. Take the time to segment your audience and create ads that resonate with each segment. The more specific your ads are to your audience, the more likely they will be to click through.


Utilize your live inventory

One of the best ways to create ads that resonate with your audience is to connect your ad builder to a data feed of your live inventory. This way, your audience can be served with inventory-based ads of vehicles they are considering that you have available on your lot. The more information they see about a specific vehicle, the more likely they will be to visit the vehicle listing page and submit an inquiry. Not sure how to do this? ZeroSum can do it for you.


Retarget lost leads

If you want to increase conversion, patch up any leaks you may have in your funnel. When you have leads that have not converted and become inactive, don’t give up. Incorporate them into a digital display retargeting campaign, and create designs made specifically for them. Take a look at what kind of ads did not perform well last time and continue to optimize until you begin to see a lift in your clicks.

Book a demo today to learn how ZeroSum can increase your conversion rates with custom, inventory based-display ads and more.


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How to Run Effective Car Dealership Digital Display Ads

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