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How to Build Dealership Brand Loyalty Using Digital Marketing and Customer Service

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One of the best ways to hit your sales targets and ensure a steady stream of business is by building and maintaining brand loyalty from your customers. Dealers, here are some of the best ways to gain loyal customers and keep your existing customers coming back.


Engage with shoppers before they step foot on your lot

A Think with Google study found that on average, customers are now only visiting two dealerships before making a purchase, meaning you have fewer opportunities to influence them in person. Further, 95% of auto buyers use digital resources as a source of information. As a result, you will want to make as much of a connection online as you can.

A good way to do this is by having as much information available about the cars you have in stock as possible. Take clear, professional photos of each vehicle, and clearly display crucial information such as make, model, mileage, color, price, and more.

The same Google study found that over half of auto shoppers could be convinced to buy a car based on 360-degree video without visiting the dealership in person. For this reason, add 360-degree and walkaround videos to your website and YouTube channels. This way, auto shoppers can see almost everything they would if they visited your lot in person, and will be more likely to take the next step in purchasing the car.

Another great way to bring customers to our website and ultimately to your lot is by using highly targeted inventory-based ads. These ads can be done using Google Vehicle Ads, search, display, or OTT/CTV video. If you’re not sure where to start, ZeroSum can do this for you.


Create an amazing sales experience

According to Think with Google, auto shoppers cite that their sales experience at a dealership is the top influencer of brand loyalty. Once you bring in buyers using your digital marketing strategy, delight them at the dealership. Create a sales process that is as simple and easy as possible, and make it easy for buyers to execute some of the sales process online. If your customers are comfortable with your sales process, they will be much more likely to come to you to buy a car again.


Don’t abandon your customers after the sale

Think with Google found the second most important factor in auto brand loyalty to be maintenance and service experience—AKA the after-sales experience. It is critical that you provide customers with a seamless and pleasant service experience so that they feel supported by you and comfortable buying from you again.

It is also true that 25% of all automotive searches are related to parts, service, and maintenance, so it is helpful to have content related to these topics so that your dealership is more discoverable. For example, you could create YouTube videos showing how to maintain some of the vehicles that you sell. This way, you can build trust with new shoppers and show your previous customers that you are still there for them.


ZeroSum makes it easy to attract the right customers through hands-free inventory-based advertising. Book a demo today to learn more.

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