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Dealers: How To Win With Any Inventory

Dealers: How To Win With Any Inventory
Spoiler alert: Subscribe to the MARKETai Platform to market the vehicles you have without wasting dollars on the vehicles you don't. Maximize your traffic and conversion opportunity at the VIN Level.

1. Focus on the cars you have
2. Don't waste time or money marketing the ones you don't
3. Get the views you need on the vehicles you can turn quickly
4. Increase visibility on the vehicles that need an extra push

All done for you inside the software platform, managed by a team of auto experts.

Chances are good your inventory is currently being affected by one or more of these issues bubbling within the auto industry.
  • Global Supply Chain Issues
  • Post Pandemic Shopping Sprees
  • Semiconductor / Chip Shortage
  • Factory Disasters
  • Seat Foam Shortage
If you're not struggling with one of these issues, take special care with the information below, you have an opportunity to be proactive. As you are looking over this list and wondering if this is why you don't have any F150 Inventory, the answer is yes. Also yes if your CR-V inventory is tight this month.

Like most, you're probably also thinking it's time to pull back on marketing, go for gross or try to make every bit of profit you can on each deal.

But what's best? How do I market effectively with limited inventory, knowing some of these units will turn themselves? How do I keep the pressure, and the active shoppers on the cars I need more help and more opportunities to move?

A live example: Ford Store in Detroit. F150 is the #1 seller, followed closely by Escape. Pretty typical for this part of the Midwest.
F150 and Escape inventory are at a low point for this dealership, see here.

VINSights (pictured above) is a powerful tool inside the MARKETai platform that exposes critical information about your inventory, and the competitive conditions in your market.

This Ford Store only has 13 days supply of F150, and six days of supply, of Escape, based on their historical sales, turn rates, and active inventory.

Thanks for the insight, time to switch strategy. Focus on Bronco, Edge, and Explorer. But How? Call my agency, get them started on new creative? No, there is a better way.

MARKETai is watching the market. With all of the available inventory in the US in the platform, it already knows the inventory issue. The good news is, marketing dollars are being focused on the units you actually have, and the shoppers in the market for them. Marketing executions, across channels, are being updated daily, as your inventory, and the shoppers in the market are changing.

You still need to get inventory views and shoppers on your inventory, but you can eliminate waste and guessing, without eliminating the portions of your marketing strategy that take advantage of weak spots in the market, or strong spots in your inventory. Use the MARKETai platform to execute your marketing more efficiently in these new inventory conditions, and gain all of the competitive intel the platform provides to keep your edge as the market changes. The MARKETai platform does all this and comes with a team to manage it with you.



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