Nick Dionne

Product and Marketing leader @ ZeroSum, two-year-old marketing, and technology startup. ZeroSum recently rebranded after launching the auto industry's first Big Data and Artificial Intelligence platform, ZeroSum AI. ZeroSum AI Platform builds a predictive, real-time look at what (tier 3) dealers are faced with in their competitive marketplace. Powerful data and analytics combined with potent, market share focused marketing executions, eliminates waste and puts the power back in the operator's hands.

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ZeroSum Continues Growth & Innovation, Adds Ritu Parr, Senior Director of Marketing

Meet Ritu Parr, the newest member of the ZeroSum team. Ritu is an expert marketer with more than 19 years of experience in media, advertising, creative direction, and marketing leadership. She most recently came to us from Mspark where she served as...

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Winning The Inventory Game with Marketing and Technology

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Dealers: How To Win With Any Inventory

Spoiler alert: Subscribe to the MARKETai Platform to market the vehicles you have without wasting dollars on the vehicles you don't. Maximize your...

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