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WHY Inventory-Based Video Marketing

Inventory Based Video Ads

Two facts have been true since the Model T first came to market:  

  1. You can only sell what you have.  
  2. Demand and competition vary from market to market.  

If this seems obvious, then why are so many automotive marketing dollars wasted on vehicles that aren’t in stock?   

Why do so many dollars go to national offers and incentives that ignore the unique opportunities of local markets?  

The answer: they aren’t taking advantage of Inventory-Based Video Marketing.  


What is Inventory-Based Video Marketing? 


Inventory-Based Video Marketing combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize your ad spend and drive interested buyers to your VDPs. It does this through OTT/CTV ad campaigns composed of two forms of optimization: tracking real-time inventory and advanced ad targeting.  

Track Real-Time Inventory 

How many sales have you lost because a buyer clicked on your ad only to find the car is no longer in your inventory? How many buyers now refuse to engage with your dealership because they ran into this very problem?

With Inventory-Based Video Marketing, the answer is a resounding ZERO.  

By pulling directly from your inventory in real-time, Inventory-Based Video Marketing ensures that every ad cent you spend goes towards vehicles you currently have available and need to move today. 

Advanced Audience Targeting  

Connected CTV users exceeded cable TV subscribers for the first time in 2020. OTT/CTV ad spend grew another 17% between January and September of 2020 while advertisers reduced budgets in most other channels. 

Inventory-Based Video Marketing combines an audience of low-funnel, active automotive shoppers with dynamic creative that displays the exact vehicles they’re interested with a curated video ad specific to them. 

These ads are then displayed across video/TV mediums. 

The result? 

A silver bullet for driving the right shopper to the right VDP at the right time. 

A Modern Approach to Marketing 

ZeroSum’s proprietary Inventory-Based Video Marketing technology takes the guesswork out of ad targeting and reaches your active shoppers while they are shopping. With our dynamic video product, you can extend proven strategies right into the living room and seize the opportunity to stay top of mind with your best potential customers in a rapidly growing medium. 

Inventory-Based Video Marketing diversifies your expensive broadcast tactics and adds attribution where there traditionally has been none.  

In fact, one ZeroSum partner reached over 100,000 active automotive shoppers across all streaming device types with video creative that engaged them enough for 98% of them to watch from start to finish. This lead to measurable gains in organic traffic growth, increased brand search traffic, and an expanded audience for social remarketing. The result was ZeroSum’s partner maintaining their #1 rank in the state during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more by downloading the full case study. 

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