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Dealers: Leverage Your Content to Keep Your Shoppers

The average automotive shopper visits less than 1.2 lots before purchasing a vehicle. The decision to buy is made online before they step foot in your dealership. So, why are you giving away your greatest assets: your shoppers and your website content (inventory)? 

The vehicles you have on your lot on a given day are unique to you and in demand to the right active shopper. Only you can sell the exact cars available on your lot, so why allow the competition to advertise alongside you with similar models? Even “less than ideal” inventory is an asset if you connect it with the right buyer. 

The Problem: Ad Overload

The modern ad landscape is as cluttered as ever. The average American is exposed to as many as 10,000 ads in a single day. The sheer volume of touchpoints and available mediums (Search, Social, Display, Video, OTT) means it’s harder than ever to ensure you’re focusing valuable ad dollars on the right audience at the right time. 

So, how do you reach your ideal shopper?  

How do you ensure their attention remains trained on your vehicles and not other options? 

That’s where ZeroSum’s MARKETai platform comes into play. 

The Solution: MARKETai

MARKETai works with a continuously updated database of all of the vehicles currently marketed in the United States. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, MARKETai is able to identify active shoppers in each market. 

This real-time market and personal inventory data creates three unique advantages for dealerships: 

  1. Expose Content to the Right Buyers: By knowing which models and trims are turning in the market and how your inventory stacks up against these trends, you can use your inventory as the powerful weapon that it is. MARKETai connects your inventory to interested automotive shoppers who have shown purchase intent. 
  2. No More Wasted Ad Spend: Nothing is more frustrating than receiving an ad that speaks to you, only to engage with it and find the product offered isn’t available. MARKETai’s dynamic execution ensures that ad campaigns only utilize vehicles currently in your inventory. 
  3. Keep buyers focused on you, not the competition: MARKETai uses shopper-specific ads to drive buyers directly to your VDP. This ensures that active shoppers are instantly connected to the car they want and that the competition has no chance of exposing the shopper to competing inventory. 

MARKETai builds campaigns across digital channels that are always up to date with your inventory. That means more effective ad spends that connect shoppers to what they want when they want it. Stay top of mind right up to the moment that shoppers decide it is time to purchase. 

A Better Way to Build Your Business

At the end of the day, you want more leads, better conversions, and sales.  

MARKETai drives more active shoppers at a lower ad spend than the competition. MARKETai’s 24/7 monitoring means that even if the competition hires a team of full-time advertising experts, they can’t keep up with your progress.  

To learn more about how MARKETai can increase your sales, contact ZeroSum. 


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