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The Role of AI in Automotive

ZeroSum's predictive sales widget
The Role of AI in Automotive

Information overload is a real thing, at least for a human it is. When looking at CRM data, Excel sheets or even handwritten notes it’s easy to get frustrated with seemingly countless numbers and statistics that don’t provide any actionable direction. With so much information, it’s easy to miss important connections or to miss out on recording data that could be a game changer. 


ZeroSum's predictive sales widget
ZeroSum's Predictive Sales widget forecasts what your sales will be at month end.


Every single day, dealers need to make important decisions about how they’re going to meet their goals. Things like current market performance, inventory strength and advertising spend are always top of mind because the industry stops for no one and one day off could mean losing market share. 

New owners, operators and leaders are looking for more than gut instincts and factless predictions. Getting ten new Subaru Foresters just because ‘it feels right’ doesn’t cut it anymore and the way the wind blows can’t tell you which type of trim will turn faster. Sure, at one point a yellow legal pad and gut instincts were the only way to do business but that’s no longer the case. 

Dealers might always be right if the market never changed but it changes every single day so the question becomes, how can we make smarter decisions? The answer is easy: Artificial Intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence is more than some sci-fi, make-believe software system. It’s real, it’s efficient, it’s smart and it’s actionable. It’s exactly what the automotive industry has been looking for and exactly what ZeroSum has fixated on. Artificial intelligence is defined as “the capacity of a computer to perform operations analogous to learning and decision making in humans.” In layman’s terms, AI does what humans do but faster and better.


Artificial intelligence has got to be the way that we can make that data more relevant to us and more relevant to selling more cars and doing more service work.


The uses of artificial intelligence are endless. Think Netflix recommendations, smart replies in Gmail or Amazon’s Alexa. A lot of today’s vendors even claim to be using AI in their platforms but really their tech stops at simple automation. True AI will actually learn from data and give real insights. 

Previously, it was easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information made available to dealerships. It’s great to know every VIN and every lead and every trim and who your competitors are and what your inventory looks like compared to them but, of course, with great knowledge comes… a lot to decipher. 

That’s where artificial intelligence and ZeroSum comes in. Human beings’ conscious minds can only process 50 bits of data a second while ZeroSum can process 100K. Our artificial intelligence consumes all of the data that dealers have and puts it into an easily readable and actionable platform. Plus, as real-time data is consumed, our AI is also able to utilize data retroactively to make predictions and connections that are beyond human capability. This allows dealers to make decisions when it matters. Today.  

The advantages are unlimited due to the AI’s ability to granularly review mass quantities of information. To date, ZeroSum is storing twelve billion rows of data which means at any given time of the day, dealers could be able to see which model, trim or even color, is turning fastest. With insight like that, dealers are able to make specific, fact-checked decisions like never before. 

Every day, dealers are going to market and they want to put their best foot forward. With artificial intelligence and ZeroSum, they can have an unfair advantage. 

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