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National Trend Update: Moved Vehicles Still Positive Despite Falling Inventory


National Trend Update: Moved vehicles still positive despite falling inventory.


ZeroSum’s 7/7 Market Trend data shows that more than half the states in the country are beating the national average (+1.5%) for moved vehicles, and audience shopping is up +12.9%. Currently, Wyoming is leading the nation for moved vehicles +14.5%. There doesn’t appear to be a regional correlation for the moved growth below. However, when looking at COVID-19 hotspots the above states have lower total COVID-19 cases.

The states trailing Wyoming for the most growth in total moved vehicles in the last 7-week vs 7-week comparison are:


The below graph is a look at Wyoming’s YTD moved activity. The graph follows a similar trend that other states experienced during late March and early April, where moved vehicle activity fell consistently. Since then Wyoming has made a substantial comeback and is still trending upward.

YTD moved vehicle analysis
The YTD analysis of Wyoming's moved activity shows them making an incredible comeback from the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: ZeroSum Data Center, National Automobile Movement 2019-2020

Nationally, average inventory has fallen -28% YOY

States like Texas, Michigan, California and Florida normally dominate YOY moved vehicle growth, but a reduction in inventory has caused them to fall out of the top 10 listings.
Here is where the above states rank according to average inventory levels YOY.
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