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National Trend Update: The Northeast Is Seeing Double-Digit Growth And Shopping Is Up Nearly +5%


National Trend Update: The northeast is seeing double-digit growth and shopping is up nearly +5%

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National Moved Vehicles



National Moved Vehicles



ZeroSum’s 7/7 Market Trend data shows the middle of September with moved vehicles across the nation up slightly (+2.1%). Individual states are also up substantially with Vermont (+35.0%) having double-digit growth this week, followed by Nebraska (+30.9%) and Michigan (+26.9%).

Rhode Island
Michigan moved vehicle activity chart
Michigan had a rough time when COVID-19 hit the country in March. Moved activity dropped the state to -84% YOY, but the state bounced back quickly and has now joined the top three in our 7/7 trend growth this week. Source: ZeroSum Data Center, National Automobile Movement 2019-2020

Month-to-date the national view (-6.8%) showed Arizona (+8.6%) leading the U.S. in growth. Followed by Arkansas (+7.4%), Utah (+7.3), South Carolina (+5.4%), and Wyoming (+4.8%). While there are currently only nine states in the country showing positive MTD numbers, many other states gaining momentum.


South Carolina

Used car prices and audience shopping continues to rise

ZeroSum AI™ showed another increase in shopping for September (+4.6%), despite continued inventory shortages which leave the national average at -1%. While some 2021 models are on dealer lots, most consumers are buying used vehicles before they even arrive at the dealership.


Audience Shopping

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Take advantage of the buying frenzy and sell the inventory you have.


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