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National Trend Update: August Finishes Positive Despite Lowest Inventory Levels Since 2011


National Trend Update: August Finishes Positive Despite Lowest Inventory Levels Since 2011


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National Moved Vehicles



National Moved Vehicles



ZeroSum’s 7/7 Market Trend data shows the nation moving upward with +2.5% growth. As for individual states, North Dakota’s (+17.9%) performance grew the most this week, while Montana (+15.3%), Oregon (+13.5%), and Colorado (+13.2%) showed double-digit growth.

Month-to-date the national view (+3.6%) showed Utah (+27.5%) and Arkansas (+22.6%) a few points away from each other, while New York and Maryland’s moved vehicle growth was over +20%.


North Dakota


In the same month-to-date view Utah performed well by staying above last year’s moved numbers the majority of the month. Even surpassing last year’s numbers by nearly +25% at the end of August.


New York


Utah moved vehicle activity chart
The ZeroSum analysis of Utah's moved activity shows the state finishing strong the end of August, but needs to sell hard and fast to get ahead of September spikes from last year. Source: ZeroSum Data Center, National Automobile Movement 2019-2020

Audience shopping is down and inventory is at the lowest levels since 2011.


ZeroSum shows shopping slowing which could make for a difficult start to September. Inventory shortages are at record low levels (barely +1%) across the nation. While shopping has decreased this week (-4.7%) it has been strong enough to empty dealership lots of whatever core models are left. Some factories are running their truck lines at full capacity, but overall 2021 inventory comprises less than 0.5% of dealer lots (Last year new inventory comprised 9% of dealer lots).


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