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4 Benefits of A Strong OTT Automotive Marketing Strategy for Dealerships & Marketers

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It’s clear that streaming services have revolutionized the way audiences engage with media. With the explosion of social media and the uptick of streaming platforms over the past few years, dealers and marketers are forced to change the way they think about creating a strong OTT automotive marketing strategy. Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to speak directly to your target audience while showcasing your products to active customers.

Standing Out in the “New Normal”

Gone are the days of traditional TV marketing where you broadcast to the general public and just hope that it works. According to Statista, as of 2021, 82% of households now have a Connected TV. That’s millions of potential buyers using streaming services each month! Now that video advertising has become the leading source of product promotion, make sure your dealership stands out among the noise.

Ready to modernize your marketing strategy? Read on to learn some core benefits and how you can easily help your business or client jumpstart their sales.

Let’s Break It Down: We know that first and foremost, you need to see results. These are the top benefits of OTT marketing:

  1. OTT is more targetable: it allows you to find and attract active shoppers.
  2. OTT is cost effective and saves you time: cut out the cost and long turnaround times of traditional tv advertising.
  3. Your creative can be more dynamic: push shoppers to your lot by showing them the exact inventory you have in stock and link directly to your VDPs.
  4. You reach a broader audience: show your inventory to more people while still being able to specify who sees them.

Now that you know the benefits, here are some considerations as you’re building your strategy:


Inventory-Based Creative Boosts Engagement

As social media and web content rule the marketing realm, the need for a dynamic digital presence is more important than ever. In a 2021 poll by Wyzowl, 84% of people have purchased a product or service due to a brand video, and 66% of consumers prefer to watch a product video than read a description. Living in the digital age, it’s crucial to have consistent and current video content to keep up with modern demands. 

To build client trust and boost your sales, you need clear, creative content that captures your buyer’s attention. Each ad should appeal to the person who’s receiving it. Doing this will capture the attention of more active shoppers and bring them to your lot.


The New World of AI Enables Cost-Efficient Video Creative

As more and more companies are looking to utilize OTT technology, fees for fresh content creation and analytic management can quickly add up. With staggering production prices and overwhelming turn-around times, many auto dealers can be discouraged from stepping into the next chapter of advertising.

AI is the new creative team. Technology is now so advanced that we could even write this post with AI. The same tech is now possible for video. AI-driven video automation enables mass video production without the production team. Don’t know where to start? Check out our all-in-one platform, Auto-Stream.


Take Advantage of the Targeting and Trackability of OTT vs. Traditional TV

Gone are the days where you hope the money you spent on an ad drives leads. With OTT/CTV, you can know whether the car you sold was the same car you advertised to the customers on your lot. This ensures you are getting a strong return on investment and also informs your future marketing activity.

Additionally, you have the ability to target actual in-market shoppers. This simply drives more leads for less money, further amplified by an inventory-based ad campaign.



The Perfect Platform to Take You Where You Want to Go

We’re offering our clients the opportunity to explore the possibilities of OTT broadcasting by utilizing the latest in marketing: Auto-Stream.

With Auto-Stream, we’ve taken advertising to the next level. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping automotive dealers and marketers appeal to their ideal customers through streaming services that utilize OTT (Over-The-Top) and CTV (Connected TV) advertising. Our one-of-a-kind technology connects you to a vast audience while pinpointing active, in-market auto buyers with thoughtful and strategic VIN-based ads. In simple terms, we show your exact inventory to buyers who are looking for it.

ZeroSum has the largest inventory database and matches available cars with 4.5 million active shoppers. These data points allow our system to identify a shopper looking to purchase a car within a 15-day window.

When an active shopper is searching for their perfect vehicle, we create a compelling video ad showcasing the features of the car they’re currently looking at—or a similar model from your inventory—with a VIN-specific commercial. Each ad is shown 4-5x to potential buyers, ensuring that your car catalogue is properly expressed. From there, our users can track which VINs are selling and watch as their sales skyrocket.

Ready to spin the automation wheel? We are here to guide on your way to a better future, where you can ACTUALLY be in the driver seat. Book a 15-minute demo today.

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