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KIA Store moves 100% of their inventory


ZeroSum helped turn 100% of Friendly Kia's new vehicles

and assisted them in becoming the #1 KIA Dealership in Florida






VDP Views


Moved Vehicles




Cost per



Inventory Sold
Touched by ZeroSum



In route to the best October they've ever had, Friendly Kia was able to turn 100% of their new car inventory and take a massive chunk of market share from key competitors. The results were evident in the monthly sales ranking where Friendly Kia took the #1 spot on Kia's Florida sales report and achieved their highest rank ever on the national report.


“ZeroSum has been instrumental in our operation as a real partner. They market every vehicle we have on the lot and come to the table with fresh business strategies that help us get the right traffic to our website and turn our inventory faster.”- Friendly Kia



  1. Sales staff spending too much time fielding poor quality leads.

  2. Difficult to measure return on ad spend.

  3. Third-party sites redirect leads hindering the user experience.



  1. Leveraged ZeroSum's 4.5M native low-funnel active shopping audience and machine learning based campaign optimizations which lead to an increase in leads, improvement of lead quality, and a conversion rate increased by 42%

  2. Tapped into the ZeroSum MarketAI TM Platform to track market share impact in real-time, gauge inventory health and pricing in regard to their market, and view VIN-level attribution across their active social campaigns. Confirmed results in real-time, not several months later.

  3. Used ZeroSum dynamic solutions to seamlessly market their entire inventory based on active shoppers demand, and funneled users directly to VDPs on Friendly's website. Ensured potential buyers were connected precisely to the exact VINs they were in the market for and were only exposed to relevant inventory that Friendly Kia had available.

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