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Demystifying Automotive Agency Terms like “Real-time,” "Active Shoppers," “AI,” and “Automation”

Demystifying Automotive Agency Terms like “Real-time,”

As a dealer, you are inundated with marketing lingo by various agencies and providers, but what you really care about most is whether your marketing investment will turn your inventory faster than your market competitors. In this post, we will demystify commonly used terms like “real-time,” “AI,” and “automation.”


ZeroSum’s MarketAI is a marketing insights and automation platform that pairs real-time and historical inventory movement data with AI-driven automation. MarketAI matches individual VINs with active shoppers across media channels, providing dealers with higher turn rates and the most efficient marketing campaigns ever built.


What Real-Time Data Really Means


MarketAI collects vehicle detail and movement data for 99.7% of all marketed vehicles in the United States every day. Our powerful MarketAI solution uses data to evaluate if and how certain vehicles can turn faster. The AI then prioritizes what VINs to advertise, producing the most efficient and effective marketing campaigns possible.


ZeroSum's level of precision results in the most efficient automotive ad campaigns on the market today, based on genuinely real-time data and eliminating wasteful ad spending to maximize the impact of dealers’ marketing efforts. By understanding inventory data at such a granular level, MarketAI can put the exact right car in front of the exact right customer more effectively than any other provider.


What Makes ZeroSum So Successful at Reaching Active Shoppers?

MarketAI has a deep understanding of supply and shopper demand at a segment, make, model and trim level of both same and similar vehicles. The platform uses this information to prioritize the vehicles advertised via Facebook, Google, or OTT. The detailed information MarketAI provides to ad delivery platforms enables a more accurate match with native audiences. Ad impressions are allocated and informed by a vehicle’s demand and its propensity to sell amongst your competitors, producing the most efficient ad campaigns possible.

MarketAI's solution also extends a dealership's reach by targeting those who may be shopping for similar vehicles at nearby competitors. With its deep understanding of supply and demand data at a segment, make, model, and trim level of every vehicle on your lot today, MarketAI uses data-rich information to prioritize, create, and deliver vehicle ads to Facebook, Google, or OTT to target low-funnel active shoppers.


Key Advantages: AI and Automation


MarketAI already has a live catalog of all marketed inventory in the US, so getting started is easy because there is minimal setup required. A ZeroSum Dealer Success Manager will connect your Google Analytics and CRM to MarketAI and get your dealership up and running in under 72 hours. The machine-learning-backed AI is always plug-and-play and ready to use, eliminating the need for onboarding or a lengthy integration process with already existing dealer software and allowing you to focus on what you do best.


MarketAI uses real-time data (turn rates, market share, days to move, and sales velocity) to gain a competitive edge through automation. This cutting-edge tech works by utilizing AI to connect data and images to create instant ads per individual VIN and launches marketing campaigns across various platforms such as Google search, OTT/CTV, display and social media.

By automating complex decision-making processes, MarketAI enables dealers to surpass competitors. This allows dealerships to focus on strategic aspects while the AI-driven system optimizes inventory management and marketing strategies.


The Why: ZeroSum vs Other Automotive Agencies

As a ZeroSum customer, you have access to the comprehensive insights generated by MarketAI including insights into your competitors' strategies, providing a clear view of their actions in the market. The platform synthesizes the extensive data it collects into easily comprehensible information tailored for your dealership's use. Not only does it offer a concise summary, but it also serves as a reliable reference point for real-time measurements of market share and competitor pricing. This real-time data aids in capturing an accurate snapshot of the market's current landscape, providing invaluable information for strategic decision-making.


ZeroSum MarketAI brings results and value to dealerships for their marketing ad spend. MarketAI's proprietary database and deep understanding of supply and demand, efficient ad campaigns, and active targeting make it the most effective marketing solution ever built for dealers. MarketAI is not just another marketing tool; it's a game-changer that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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