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Sam Slaughter Sellers Auto Group Testimonial

ZeroSum is a secret weapon


Tell us your name and where we are?

I’m Sam Slaughter, Owner of Sellers Buick GMC in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Tell us what you think of the ZeroSum Platform?

The ZeroSum Platform really pulls together a lot of the things that we look at individually and it puts it into one place so that we can make better decisions. It’s going to change the way we look at our business because we’re able to see all our data, in real-time that are related to each other.


How would you describe the ZeroSum AI™ Platform to another dealership?

It’s going to take the guesswork and the “gut feel” out of things and really help us look at data. This platform will change how we go to market every day, not just every month or every quarter.


How do you feel about the predictive nature of this platform and the role of AI in automotive?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has got to be the way that we make our data more relevant to us and more relevant to selling more cars and doing more service work.


How might the ZeroSum MARKETai™ Platform change the way you run the business?

You can look at the turn rate by trim level for a specific car line. So if I’m looking at Terrain and I want to know what am I turning the fastest, we can drill down and understand that. Both from a model perspective and maybe even an all-wheel-drive perspective. Or we can really get granular to look at color and everything else.


Who should use ZeroSum AI™?

Whether it’s the CFO, Marketing Director, General Manager, or the Owner.

We’re all looking at it a little bit differently.

Oh, that’s going to help me decide this or that’s going to help me decide that.


What are one or two of the biggest things the industry needs to solve for right now?

We have this very sophisticated system that tells us how to order $800,000 worth of parts. But we don’t have the data to tell us how to order $25 million of inventory and that’s really where this value comes in.

What type of dealership should use this?

This is for the dealer in a market that really wants to have the competitive edge over his competition.

This is the partnership you need.

Why should someone partner with ZeroSum?

ZeroSum is a secret weapon.

This partnership is the one that I can attribute getting us consistently where we want to go, which is hitting our goals. Our company has always strived to be the best at whatever we do and if this partnership wasn’t the best, we wouldn’t be in it.


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