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National Trend Update: Northeast States Are Making A Comeback

National Trend Update: Northeast States Make A Comeback
ZeroSum’s 7/7 Market Trend data shows that states in the Northeast are making a comeback. Currently, Vermont is leading the nation this week with +29.7%.
The following states have seen the most growth in total moved vehicles in the last 7-week vs 7-week comparison.
New York
New Hampshire


Despite being one of the most heavily affected areas by the COVID-19 crisis, the Northeast states of VT, NY, NH, MA are not only meeting the national 7/7, but exceeding it by over 10%. This recovery has happened in a matter of days as the executive orders are phasing out, showrooms are logistically prepared, and people are more accepting of the pandemic sales model.

Vermont moved vehicle activity chart
The last 30-day analysis of Vermont's moved activity shows them making an incredible comeback from the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: ZeroSum Data Center, National Automobile Movement 2019-2020

Audience shopping is +12.8% over last 28-days.

Dealerships across the Northeast are now recovering at a steady rate. Sales have been trending up and vehicles are moving.  An investment in the ZeroSum platform will help move your core models faster and drive more VDP views to non-core inventory. Don’t rely on 60 day-old registration data, have access to real time market movement to help restore your business.

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