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Automotive Is a Top Spender at Super Bowl LVI. Here’s How to Leverage the Exposure.

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In 2021, the automotive industry alone spent over $65 million in advertising at Super Bowl LV (Kantar). With the auto industry consistently at the top in terms of ad spend, it is crucial that you take advantage of the coming increase in brand awareness. Read on to learn how you can capitalize on the extra exposure and get your cars off the lot.

Last year, some of the top auto advertisers at the Super Bowl were Jeep, General Motors, and Toyota. This year, a few other brands are looking to get back in the game, and some have already released teasers for their upcoming Super Bowl ads. Be on the lookout for BMW’s ‘Something Electric is Brewing’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kia’s ‘Robo Dog,’ and Nissan’s ‘Thrill Driver.’ If you’re a dealer for BMW, Kia, or Nissan, this just might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, so be ready to capitalize on it.

During the Super Bowl, people are glued to their televisions and are more attentive to ads than usual. In fact, 22% of viewers even say they are watching primarily for the ads (Forbes). This means there is a wide audience primed by manufacturer brand ads.

While manufactures do a great job increasing brand awareness, it is your responsibility to get buyers to your dealership. Once a potential customer gains awareness of a brand, then moves from awareness to desire, you have a small window of opportunity to capture that person’s attention and drive them to your lot. Towards the end of the buyer’s journey, it is important to stay at the forefront of customers’ minds by continuing to advertise in a targeted way. What we know through years of data is that if you advertise based on live inventory, you are more likely to increase sales.

As they get further along in the process, shoppers eventually narrow down which specific model of car they want, and this is where they make the crucial decision of who to buy from. To win their business, you must show them that you have exactly what they’re looking for in stock. ZeroSum’s MarketAI platform automatically delivers inventory-based ads to active shoppers on multiple channels like social media, search, online display ads, and even OTT/CTV video commercials.

We created Auto-Stream, an OTT/CTV platform specifically with dealers in mind to reach and target buyers, looking to make an auto purchase in the next two weeks, through their favorite streaming services. Auto-Stream both creates and serves ads of vehicles in your inventory that match what each buyer is looking for, and it takes them directly to the VDP to make a purchase.

In a low-inventory market, it is crucial to increase turn rate if you want more stock. Keep your foot on the gas with inventory-based social media and video advertising to ensure the cars on your lot are targeted to the right buyers. This innovative strategy, along with the boost in exposure from the Super Bowl, will set your dealership up for success.

To see what we can do for your dealership, watch a quick video demonstration:



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