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The Challenge:

A dealer has 27 preowned Kia Sportages, but only 1 preowned Jeep Wrangler.  You have one ad group for each vehicle.  Would you want to manage the ad groups differently considering that there are so many more Sportages?  Search campaign managers may want to give high-volume vehicles different treatment than low-volume vehicles. For example, you may want to. . .

·       Display the count of a vehicle in ads only if there are two or more in inventory.

·       Display the color of a vehicle in ads only if there is just one in inventory.

·       Set a higher ad group bid if there are more than 10 in inventory.

This has been impossible to automate with auto templates until now.

The Solution:

Count values for condition, make, model, and body type are now selectable options in auto template filters.

Setting a filter for ‘used model count’ > 3 will result in that template only building campaign structure for those used models with over three units in inventory.  Used models where there are only one or two units in inventory will be ignored as if that model wasn’t in inventory at all.  A user could then create a second template for ‘used model count </= 3’ to give those vehicles different treatment.

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